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Induction Brazing & Welding Machine

Induction Brazing & Welding Machine

Power supply: 7kw-800kw

Subsidiary: Filler (silver/copper) & Flux

Application: Saw blades, carbide tip, cooper tube, aluminum parts, rotor

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DUOLIN offer induction heating equipment ranging from 7kw to 800kw. 

Through a combination of standard products and innovative engineering, DUOLIN will meet your most demanding production and quality needs. With a wide range of field-proven solutions, our engineering team can provide the experience and expertise to optimize your process.

Advantage of Induction brazing

1. Transfers more energy per square meter than an open flame, resulting in faster heating cycles—put simply, you produce more components per hour.

2. Easy to check and adjust the heat, reduce the risk of overheating, which can lead to higher porosity and weaker joints.

3. Reduce the risk of cold brazing as induction generates the heat in the base material.

4. Improve the working environment and safety; No gas needed, no open flame, no additional heating.