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The Application of the High Frequency Induction Hardening Machine for Heat treatment industry

May. 19, 2016

1.The high frequency induction hardening heat treatment for the auto parts, such as bend axle, connecting rod, piston pin, cam shaft, air valve, all kinds of gear, shifting fork, spline shaft, transmission semiaxis, rocker, rockshaft and other workpieces that needs the high frequency hardening heat treatment.

2. Hardware tool induction hardening heat treatment. Such as pincer pliers, hammer, vise grip pliers and wrench.

3. Hydraulic component, such as plunger of the plunger pump, rotor of the rotor pump, gears and others.

4. The high frequency induction hardening for all kinds of gear shaft.

5. Wood working tools, such as the heat treatment for the axe and plane tools

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