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Induction Bending Machine

Induction Bending Machine

Bending pipe: Diameter 168mm-762mm, wall thickness 6-40mm

Power output: 100-750KW

Bending Type: Pipe, Square tube, Rectangle tube, Beam

Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel

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• No output capacitors near transformer, no need to make any change of induction machine when bending different size of pipe

• Quick tool set up, reduce cycle time.

• High efficiency, heating faster

• Provides highly accurate bends, good quality and cost savings.

• Uniform temperature during heating, quickly cool to make sure the physical characteristics

• Competitive price compare with other induction bender

IGBT Induction Bending Machine includes:

◆ Electrical

◆ Mechanical

◆ Hydraulic

◆ Software

◆ Engineering

◆ Commissioning, start-up and training services also are provided.