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Water Cooling System

Water Cooling System

Cooling capacity: 10, 000-700, 000kal/h

Application: cooling induction machine power output 10KW-750KW, quenching machine (cooling quenching water)

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IGBT induction heating equipment must work with external water cooling system and cooled by DI water or soft water, which bring heat from induction heating equipment and ensure reliability of induction heating equipment.

Duolin offer two kinds of water cooling system:

1. Closed water cooling system, customer don’t need install cooling tower and built cooling tank, less place require and easy to install and operate.

2. DI water cooling system, customer must install cooling tower and built cooling tank,a few induction machines can use one bigger cooling tower and cooling tank.


The use of DI water ensures non-scaling and non-clog in water pipe.

Stainless steel DI water tank and connector avoid rusting

Low energy loss, operation is simple and reliable.

Stainless steel pump and stainless steel pipe connection ensure DI water keeping clean.