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HF XRF Sample preparation Induction Equipment

HF XRF Sample preparation Induction Equipment

PLC controlled

Two stations (fusion + molding) chamber with cooling system

Four stations (two fusions + two molding) chamber with cooling system

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High frequency fusion sample preparation equipment is used to prepare oxidic and metallic samples for XRF Analytical System. Induction fusion method is known as highest degree accuracy sample preparing method in analytical field.


• Building Materials e.g. cement, glass, ceramic, refractory material

• Aluminum, Steel & Metals e.g. precise metals, ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals.

• Mining and Mineral

• Chemical Industry

• Materials Research

• Quality control environments


• PLC controller with Touch Screen user interface and 25 user-definable programs can be saved.

• PID temperature controlling ensures quality of sample to improve accuracy of analysis because temperature and time are critical factors in fusion process.

• High production rate by two powerful solid state power generators. 100 samples per day may be prepared with 8 hours operation.

• Tilting and turning device improves the homogeneity and can also be used for high melting materials. Fusion temperatures up to 1500℃ will be achieved.

• Separated fusion and molding design avoid rough bottom of Pt/Au crucible, solve the problem of polish, and extend service life of Pt/Au crucible.