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Full Automatic Chain Induction Heat Treatment Machine

Mar. 23, 2022

Customized Automatic Chain Induction Hardening And Tempering Production Line For Customer 

Chains are generally metal links or rings, which are mostly used for mechanical transmission and traction, and are used in all industries that use chain transmission. The industry is very wide, including food, electrical production, logistics, coating industry, electronics industry, military industry, etc. Its application range is determined by its characteristics, and its advantages are long-distance transmission and transmission stability.

Some chains are subjected to alternating loads such as torsion and bending and impact loads during operation, and their surface layer bears a higher stress than the core. In the case of friction, the surface layer is constantly worn, so  chain surface layers are required to have high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance and high fatigue limit. Only surface strengthening can meet the above requirements. Because Induction surface quenching has the advantages of small deformation and high productivity, it is widely used in production.

The fully automatic chain induction  heat treatment equipment produced by Duolin consists of loading and positioning device, quenching feed transmission (motor and driving wheel), quenching liquid water tank transmission wheel, tempering and muffle furnace transmission wheel & incubator, chain tensioning device and its transmission wheel & counterweight, straight section tempering drive wheel, discharge drive (motor and drive wheel), the maximum running speed of the chain: 1.5-3.3 meters per minute,induction heating machine power from 100-300KW,working frequency 8-50Khz.

Full Automatic Chain Induction Heat Treatment Machine 

Following advantages

1: Siemens touch screen operation interface, built-in Siemens PLC can communicate with the main console and be controlled remotely

2: It integrates 0-10V and 4-20mA remote control signals, which can communicate directly with PLC to achieve remote status monitoring and control; it can be directly connected to the LCD screen to display relevant data, which is convenient and intuitive to observe.

3: The structure part realizes the separation of water and electricity to avoid the failure caused by water spray

4: Adopt line reactor to reduce the generation of power grid harmonics

5: Adopt high-current regulated power supply, and the power supply voltage can adapt to a wide range of

6: Create, edit and store programs

7: Storage and download of production process parameters

8: With automatic and manual operation modes

9: 24 hours of continuous and uninterrupted work to effectively increase production.

Duolin is professional manufacture of induction heating machine since 1996,our research and design team can overcome the challenge to offer customer good performance turnkey induction heating solution.The induction heating equipment widely used for hot forging,induction hardening,induction heat treatment,induction soldering...

Welcome to send us your heating requirements,so that we can offer you suitable induction system or send email to export@duolin.com

Full Automatic Chain Induction Heat Treatment Machine