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Duolin new induction pipe bending project with BYD AUTO

Jun. 28, 2019

                         Duolin new induction pipe bending project with BYD AUTO



In 2018,we received bid for BYD auto for induction pipe bending project, they want to expand their steel structure factory for bending pipe, to get new increasing profit because the order for auto industry decrease recent year.


More than 20 suppliers participate in the bidding, after several months of technical document work, on line technical meeting, price discussing and factory visit, Duolin won the bid as No 1 finally, it’s our honor to serve the BYD company.


In June 2019, 350KW low frequency induction heating machine and bending machine finished the production and transport to BYD factory in Guangzhou, our engineer team went to there for installation, including the water cooling path, electric connection, PLC and the complete bending system debugging, training for workers, machine operation and daily maintain….Until the bending system work normally for more than 1 week…


Duolin your expert for induction heating solution, we will be here serve you when in need.