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Duolin induction heating machine technical feature

Jan. 03, 2018

Duolin induction heating machine technical feature

Usually two types of circuits are used in Induction Heating machine:

LC Parallel Resonant Circuit

l  Low power factor duo to affect by the rectification, hence low efficiency of electricity

l  Current feedback, low efficiency of heat duo to high heat loss

l  Not switch on quickly at any load & temperature.

LC Series Resonant Circuit

l  High power factor duo to not affect by the rectification, hence high efficiency of electricity

l  Voltage feedback, high efficiency of heat up to 97.5% duo to low heat loss

l  Switch on quickly at any load & temperature, because Load current waveform is sine wave, voltage waveform is square wave.  

All of our products use LC Series Resonance technology so that our machine can save energy up to 30%.


Diode Rectifying Technology

Two types of Rectification:

There are two types of Rectification:

l  Controllable Rectifying causes low power factor of power grid

l  Diode Rectifying Technology enables the high power factor of power grid.

Our products use Diode Rectifying Technology that the power factor is more than 0.95.


Phase-locked Technology

Phase-locked technology used in our product that ensures oscillation circuit staying resonance status always. Then the machine efficiency is always more than 90%. 


Soft-switching technology (PS-ZVZCS-PWM)        

The reliability of power applications depend on consumption of themselves. Lower energy consumption on power applications ensures reliability of equipment at same time make power applications working on higher frequency. We have solved this problem through Soft-switching technology. Under this technology, Power applications turn on at zero voltage and turn off at zero current.