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Automatic feeding induction forging machine

Dec. 22, 2017

                                                                          Automatic induction billet forging machine

DUOLIN induction forging separated into two types: Full forging and Partial forging.


Full forging is carried out in the induction furnace. Continuous feed relies on feeding system which pushes the billets through the heating tunnel coils. After hot forging, using localized compressive forces to shaping the billets.


Partial forging is heating the end of a bar to allow the material to be upset into a head, i.e. a bolt. The cold raw material can be heated one piece at a time or on a continuous feed basis.




1:max carbon steel production is 3 T/hour

2:diameter above 140mm or length above 400 mm workpiece need to make special heating furnace

3:heat uniform, tempreture  moniter,

4:heat rapidly, less oxide layer