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Induction heating for pump hardening

Dec. 14, 2017


                                Hardening induction heating


DUOLIN Induction hardening is the most common form of heat treatment. It is widely used on shaft, gear, pipe and other part in automotive industry. Induction power is applied to the surface and causes the material to heat to a required depth then cool down rapidly by water, oil or other cooling medium.


Duolin as a induction hardening specialist, we can offer you fixed or scanning hardening, suitable transformer to meet different size case.


Advantages of induction hardening


l  It treats a specific part of the piece (hardening profile)

l  Frequency Control and heating times

l  Cooling control

l  Energy saving

l  No physical contact

l  Control and located heat

l  Can be integrated in production lines

l  Increase performance and saves space

l  Induction hardening is faster than other forms of hardening.