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IGBT induction hot bending

Dec. 05, 2017

Duolin induction pipe bending

DUOLIN Induction bending uses inductors to locally heat pipe or tube. While heating, the accurate drive system will pushing the pipe or tube in a desired radius. The hot section will be formed at the set radius. The bent part is then cooled by water. This application is widely use in oil and gas industry.


Bending range is diameter 159—900 mm, thickness 5—45 mm


Competitive Advantage


l  Induction bending provides highly accurate bends, good quality and cost savings.

l  Uniform temperature during induction heating and cooling ensures that the pipe's physical properties are maintained or improved.

l   Not require sand filling and internal mandrels

l  Bending times do not take as long as other processes, making induction bending more cost effective.

l   Can produce multiple bends

l  Lower installation cost, improved flow and reduced operating cost.

l  Superior quality at ovality and wall thinning