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Ukraine customer Induction forging machine

Jun. 05, 2017

Ukraine customer Induction forging machine

Model SSF-60D2 induction forging machine

Induction power unit& Transformer


Front panel: More fault indicate

Application Display

Billet diameter: 10mm-30mm

Feature of induction forging machine model SSF-60D2

l  No combustible gases

l  Heating rapidly reduce oxide skin on billet

l  Improve the working environment

l  Uniform heating temperature increases die life

l  Continuously working, 24 hours non-stop

l  Be Started up 100% at any load

l  Less interference to others equipment in workshop (Proved by CE)

l  IGBT inversion technology &LC series circuit design achieve energy saving up to 15%-30% compared with SCR technology

l  Easy to operate and maintain