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The advantages and application of induction heating equipment

Dec. 08, 2016

Induction heating equipment is a device that converts electric energy into heat energy by the principle of electromagnetic induction.

It has many advantages compared with the traditional heating equipment:

1, the heating temperature is high, and the heating efficiency is high, and the heating efficiency is high.

2, the heating speed is fast, the surface of the heat is less oxidized, the temperature is easy to control, and the product quality is stable.

3, it can be local heating; easy to achieve automatic control: the operating environment is good.

4, it can heat the shape of the workpiece, the workpiece is easy to heat evenly, the product quality is good.

As the maufacturer of induction heating machine, we can supply the induction bending machine, induction melting machine etc. All with best quality.

Induction heating equipment