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The advantages of induction heating, compared with ordinary heating and quenching

Aug. 20, 2016

Now induction heating has been widely used in metal parts surface quenching and other industries. Compared with ordinary heating and quenching, induction heating has many advantages in the following:

1.Heating speed is very fast, can expand the temperature range, shorten the transition time.

2.After quenching, the hardness is slightly higher (2 ~ 3HRC), and the brittleness is relatively low and the fatigue strength is higher.

3.The workpiece of the process is not easy to oxidation and decarburization, even some workpiece processing directly after assembly.

4.Easy to control operation, easy to realize mechanization, automation.

So induction heating can be your best choice. We supply many kinds of induction heating machine, such as induction forging machine, induction hardening machine and so on.

induction forging machine