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Do you want to know how to produce the induction heating machine

Aug. 18, 2016

Do you want to know how to produce Induction heating machine? Below we will share:

Based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, the blank is placed in an alternating magnetic field, which generates an induced current inside the blank, thereby generating Joule heat to heat the billet.

The workpiece into the sensor, the sensor is generally input if or high-frequency alternating current (300-300000Hz or higher) hollow brass. Produces alternating magnetic field in the workpiece to produce induced current at the same frequency, the induction current distribution in the workpiece is not uniform, strong on the surface, and in the internal very weak, to close to zero, the skin effect, so that the workpiece surface rapid heating, within a few seconds surface temperature rise to 800 degrees C, and center temperature increased very little.

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Induction heating machine