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Method for judging high frequency Induction Heating Machine

Aug. 15, 2016

1.the heating system is good or bad resonance:

In the purchase of high-frequency Induction Hardening equipment, remember to choose a series resonant Induction Heating Machine.

2.frequency tracking technology is good or bad judgment:

Frequency tracking is the key technology of the induction heating equipment, which is related to the heating speed, the number of losses and the stability of the equipment.

3. the way to adjust the work of good or bad judgment:

Power transfer method will affect the IGBT switch stress, in the depth of the adjustment of the depth of the IGBT damage, the impact of life expectancy. To select a new type of reactive power method.

4. the transformer is good or bad judgment:

Transformer is intuitive and obvious: a selected magnetic material. Two selected large magnetic material. Three the amount of copper.

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