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High frequency Induction melting machine equipment application in the forging industry.

Aug. 01, 2016

We know that high frequency Induction melting machine equipment popular explanation is that those who use high frequency current to make the workpiece surface local heating, cooling, heat treatment method for surface hardening layer of a device.Now we can see the various industries both at home and abroad high frequency quenching equipment.So, do you know it is application?

1, the heating plate, bending forming. 

2, standard parts, fasteners, diathermy molding. 

3 diathermy, hardware tools, such as pliers, thermoforming wrench and heating. 

4, taper shank prospecting drill rod extrusion. 

5, steel pipe heating forming such as bent pipe, etc.

If you work in the industry, induction forging, heat treatment, brazing, etc, hope we will have the chance to cooperation and development!

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