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Categories of Metal Heat Treatment Technology

Jul. 25, 2016

As a manufacturer of induction heating machine in China, DUOLIN ELECTRIC has been always concentrating on metal heat treatment technology, especially induction heating technology, since 1994. Through more than 20 years of hard work, our induction heating equipment can be applied into induction forging, induction bending, induction brazing, induction hardening and so on.

Generally, metal heat treatment can be divided into three categories-integral heat treatment, surface heat treatment and chemical heat treatment. According to the differences of heating medium, heating temperature and cooling methods, each category can even be divided into several different heating processing technologies. With different heat treatment processes, the same kind of metal can achieve different organizations so as to have different properties. Steel is the most widely used industrial metal and its microscopic structure is the most complicated. Therefore, there are many methods for steel heat treatment process.

Induction Forging