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The Quality of High Frequency Induction Hardening Machine

May. 06, 2016

How to charge the level of the high frequency induction hardening machine? As a branch of induction heating machine, the high frequency hardening machine can be applied in many industries. Here are some standards to judge the quality of the high frequency induction hardening machine.

1.There are basic four kinds of high frequency induction heating machine: under the 60KW, 80KW, 160KW, 200KW. The different kind represent different technological level.

2.Resonance mode of the heating system:series resonance way, high electric power factor, up to 98%. Parallel resonance way, low electric power factor. So when we choose the the induction heating equipment, we need to choose series resonance way. 

3.The frequency tracking technical decides the speed of heating, loss of energy and the stability of the equipment. It is the core technique of the induction heating equipment.

4.The common ways to adjust the watt level are frequency adjustment, phase shift, pressure regulating. All these methods will affect the switch stress of the IGBT.

5. The transformer quality: choose the magnetic materials with good quality and big size and the dosage of the copper products.  

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