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The Power Supply of the Induction Heating Equipment

Apr. 29, 2016

The power supply is one of the key to the induction heating. With the development of the induction heating technology, the power supply has been through three stages: mechanical intermediate frequency generator set, vacuum tube high frequency power supply and SCR medium frequency power supply. And the advantages of the SCR medium frequency are small size, light weight, little material consumption, high electric efficient, without mechanical motion, little noise, reliable operation, etc. 

The common characteristic of the SCR medium frequency power supply for the induction heating equipment is integrated control circuit digitization degree higher than 90%, other defensive function like overflowing, over-voltage, current-limiting, voltage limiting. The highest frequency of it can up to 8kHz and the rated power can be up to about 1000kw. If the assembly technology can be improved, it can be much close with the advanced technology in the world.

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