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The widely application of the induction heating machine

Mar. 21, 2016

The induction heating machine as well as high frequency induction heating machine can heat the metals at a high speed, such as iron, steel, cast iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, tin, gold and silver and other metals.

1. Hot forge and press industry--whole workpieces forging, partial workpieces forging and drill pressing.

2. Welding--the brazing of all kinds of metal product, blade welding, copper pipe welding( it can be applied to copper belt welding in the cable manufacturing).

3. Heat treatment--quenching, annealing and tempering; especially the local treatment( it can be applied to peel the sheath and the metal belt in cable manufacturing).

4. Smelting--cast smelting, precious metal smelting, smelting in the laboratory.

5. Other applications--power coating, heating cleaning(in the cable manufacturing, it can be used to clean the steel wire cushion ply).

 induction heating machine