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The basic principle of the induction heating equipment

Mar. 15, 2016

The induction heating is a surface heating treatment technology. This heating treatment technology is usually applied to the surface hardening, partial annealing and tempering and the overall quenching and tempering.

Put the workpieces inside the sensor or coil, when a certain frequency alternation current pass through, there will generate the alternating magnetic field in the surroundings. The function of the electro-magnetic induction can generate the close induced current--vortex, which is asymmetrical distribution on the section of the workpieces. The workpieces surface has a high density current, and little bu little to the inner, which is called skin effect. The high density current on the workpieces surface turns the electric energy into the heat energy. Which can realize the heating surface. The higher of the current frequency, the thinner of the heating layer. After the heating temperature is over the steel critical point, we can cool it immediately, which is called surface hardening.

induction hardening