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The features and advantages of the induction heating (2)

Mar. 11, 2016

As we mentioned in the last passage, the induction heating can save about 75% energy than other traditional ways of heating. Besides the induction heating can realize the 24 hours working time, without fire. There are other advantages about the induction heating.

Fast start:it can start to heat as soon as the power on.

Less power consumption:it can save about 70% than the outdated valve equipment.

Excellent effect:it can heat the workpieces evenly, temperature rise fast, less oxide layers, no waste after anneal.

Adjustable power:Do not need to adjust output power.

Controlled temperature:it can control the temperature through setting the heating time and infrared thermometer. It can also add the function of heat preservation.

High security:it can free from the boosting transformer that can generate high pressure.