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The Advantage and Features of the High Frequency Induction Heating Machine

Mar. 09, 2016

As a professional induction heating equipment supplier, Duolin designs and produces induction generators in 70 models, which can be applied to any heating process, e.g. forging&forming, brazing, heat treatment, shrinking, bending or hot extrusion. Here are the advantages and features of the high frequency induction heating machine.

The advantages:

1. Rapid heating: compared with other method, it can reach the temperature within a few second.

2. Local heating: heating steel strip only, through the heat produced by the belt to melt the polyester film on the surface while there is no damage on other components within the cable.

3. Saving energy: besides the working time, it can only use the standby power.

4. It can operate automatically under the relatively stable temperature: even if the staffs are green, they can also ensure the equipment work normally.

5. Environment protection

6. It can adjust the output of the high frequency according to the quality, heating time and temperature of the heating object.

The features:

1. Full solid state IGBT frequency conversion and function adjustment, resonance soft switch double regulation and frequency automatic tracking technology.

2. Super minute extension.

3. Energy efficient.

4. Broadband 30-80KHZ automatic tracking ability.

5. 100% full load and 24 hours continuous working ability.

6. Constant output voltage/constant power output control option.

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