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Is the radiation of the high frequency induction heating harmful to human body?

Feb. 03, 2016

More and more people start to care about the health.Today,we will know whether the radiation of the high frequency induction heating is harmful to health. According to the scope of the prescribed of IEEE:

(1) The magnetic field within the 0.1 MHz to 300MHz, it will be harmful to people if the magnetic intensity is more than 3 milligauss. The magnetic field harm is less when it is more close to 0.1 MHz. Certainly if the magnetic intensity is under 3 milligauss, it can be regard as the safe scope.

(2) The harm of the electromagnetic wave is the most serious if it is 90MHz to 300 MHz. As to the industry induction heating equipment, the frequency is 17~24KHz, belongs to the super audio signal which is harmless to human body.

(3) Industrialized frequency and principle of electromagnetic heating is basically the same with home induction cooker. Household induction cooker has entered many families. Magnetic field lines of induction cooker is very short. While the induction heating we use in industry is short too. And the working distance of the worker is more than 1500mm, so we can ignore the harm of the induction heating machine.

(4) Modern life can not live without the electromagnetic wave, and we live in a space which is full of various wavelengths of electromagnetic waves. For example, the sun will generate the magnetic wave which are good to human body. We all know all the things can not live without the sun. Though the magnetic wave isn’t have the goodness to human body but it can’t harm the body.

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