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What is Needed for Induction Heating?

Jan. 21, 2016

Theoretically, only three elements are essential to induction heating:

1.The source of high electrical power;

2.Induction coil to generate the alternating magnetic field;

3.The heated electrically conductive workpieces.

While the induction heating machines/induction heaters are actually complex. For example, in order to ensure fine power transfer, the impedance matching network is often required between the high frequency source and the induction coil. Water cooling system are also common in high power induction heaters to remove the waste heat. Some control electronics are usually applied to control the intensity of the induction heating action during the induction heating cycle to ensure consistent results. The control electronics also prevent the system from being damaged by a number of adverse operating conditions. However, the basic principle of operation of any induction heater remains the same as described earlier.

induction heating