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How does Electromagnetic Induction Heating Work?

Dec. 19, 2015

Induction heating occurs when an electromagnetic force field produces an electrical current in a metal part. The alternating current converts to alternating magnetic field through induction coils and then acts on the metal workpieces or graphite. At this time, much closed rotary electric current (eddy) will naturally occur in the workpieces. The current is so strong as short-circuit current. Because current has thermal effect, the workpieces naturally generates much heat due to the resistance to the flow of this electric current. In addition, there is also magnetic hysteresis loss inside the workpieces, which can also make it generate a certain amount of heat. Therefore, the temperature of the workpieces will rapidly rise in a very short time, which can make any metal materials reach the melting point and make graphite sublimate.

Induction Heating